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Company Bios

Don Bliss - President

Don Bliss


Don began working in the family roofing business when he was in high school. He worked as a laborer and loader before learning the many aspects of roofing in the Northwest. Don’s knowledge and experience plus his vision to provide quality work and service continues to make Bliss Roofing, Inc. a leader in the local industry.

Stephanie Baird - General Manager

Stephanie Baird

General Manager

Stephanie has been with Bliss since 1994. She oversees all aspects of the company. She is the lady with the answers and the ultimate “go to gal” to get something done!

Jeff Williams - New Construction Estimator

Jeff Williams

New Construction Estimator

Jeff is a roofing genius. His attention to detail, superior knowledge, and a great follow through makes him our lead estimator in our new construction department.

Bobby Mann - New Construction Estimator

Bobby Mann

New Construction Estimator

Bobby is a family man with over 20 years experience in the roofing industry. He is willing to do anything asked of him with a smile. He spends most of his time helping Jeff oversee the new construction department.

Scott Parks - Re-roof Estimator

Scott Parks

Re-roof Estimator

Scott has been in the roofing industry for nearly 40 years. He joined the Bliss staff as a composition installer in 1993. In 1998 he became the supervisor of the warranty/repair department and now handles re-roofing sales. He is known for his thoroughness and for a huge list of satisfied customers.

Josh Gardner - Re-roof Estimator

Josh Gardner

Re-roof Estimator

Josh is the “jokester” of our office. He is always making somebody laugh and playing jokes keeping us all entertained. He also has the “never stop working” mentality making him a valuable asset to our company.

Les Cox - Re-roof Estimator

Les Cox

Re-roof Estimator

Les is the king of construction. He has spent his entire life in the industry, specializing in framing, and has decided to take on re-roofing. We are lucky to have him and his knowledge a part of our team.

Jennifer Craig - Bookkeeper

Jennifer Craig


Jennifer has worked for Don Bliss since 1997. She efficiently handles accounting and human resources with her positive attitude and calm demeanor.

Kaitlin Bliss-Cox - New Construction Assistant

Kaitlin Cox

Account Representative/Administrative Specialist

Following in her Father’s footsteps, Kaitlin began working at Bliss Roofing in high school. In 2010 she joined the team full time. Her goal is to learn every aspect of the company to someday carry on the family business as successful as her father.

Taylor Linnertz - Secretary

Taylor Linnertz

Administrative Specialist

Taylor is our Bliss Roofing sweetheart! She always goes the extra mile for our customers and helps out the office staff however she can. She is known for her bright smile, bubbly voice, and kind personality.

Kelsea Stiles

Kelsea Stiles

Administrative Specialist

Kelsea is the one who emails all of our Bliss Roofing estimates. Her attention to detail on each individual proposal is bar none.

Chris O’Brien

Chris O’Brien

Repair Estimator

Maybe its not time to reroof your house and only some repairs are needed to extend the life of your current roof? Chris is the one who does all of our repair inspections. His knowledge of roofing systems is extraordinary.


Justin Fuqua

Repair Operations & Dispatch

Justin is the one that makes all the things and the customers happy in the repair department.


Kari Hoffman


Kari is the cheerful person who greets you on the phone and the first person you see upon entering Bliss Roofing.


Kory Jackson

Safety & Quality Control/Logistics Manager

Kory has been with Bliss Roofing for nearly 20 years. He knows the yard and fleet like the back of his hand, is our lead driver, operates the boom truck with his CDL License, and is now our Safety Coordinator. He is our Mr. Fix it guy and can repair everything from equipment, vehicles, and more!