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How long will my roof replacement take?

Most residential roofing jobs require three to five days to complete. The process begins with removing the existing roof and papering in the house so it is weather tight. We then install the new roofing and complete the job by doing a final cleaning of the grounds and clean the roofing related debris from the gutters. During the installation, our journeyman roofers are self supervising. Your salesman will come by periodically to check on the progress of the work and to ensure that all needed materials are available. We will inspect the job for quality upon completion. Our goal is to complete your roof quickly and efficiently, with as little impact to your day to day routine as possible.

Do you require electricity?

Our crew requires access to electricity in order to use their power tools. There is a rare possibility that we may trip a breaker. Please make sure that someone is available or provide us with contact information in case we need to access your electrical panel. Gas powered generators are available to our crews if electricity cannot be made available.

What if I have a satellite dish?

Our crew will carefully remove and re-install functional satellite dishes. Reception may be compromised during this process. Any necessary adjustments for reception will be the homeowner’s responsibility.

Are your employees trained?

Yes! Our employees receive on-going training and are certified with most roofing manufacturers. Consistency is important to Bliss Roofing so we make sure to stay on top of our certifications.

How do you safely remove the existing roofing material?

If we are removing your existing roof prior to installing the new one, a drop box will be needed. This may restrict access to your garage and driveway. The drop box is usually delivered the morning of the job or the previous afternoon in some cases. The drop box must be placed at the roof line of the building so that the roofing debris can be dropped into it from above. If there is some reason that the drop box can’t go next to the building please let your salesperson know. Please do not place any household garbage or dispose of any other items in the drop box. The disposal fees are significantly increased if anything other than roofing material is the drop box. Your estimate is based on us being able to easily access the drop box from the roof and recycling disposal rates. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Are there any other pieces of equipment I will need to make room for?

Bliss Roofing provides a sanitation job trailer for the crew to use during the duration of your reroof project. We prefer to place the trailer along the curb side in front of the house. If driveway is large enough to accommodate both the drop box and trailer we will place it in there. The trailer hitch and door will be locked and secured daily to avoid any unwanted activity.

How big of a mess will this make and will I need to do anything to prepare my property?

Removing an existing roof is a very dirty job. The roof has years of accumulated dirt embedded in the keyways and underneath. The more layers being removed, the dirtier the job.
In Your Attic Space

  • If you have existing plywood sheathing, you will have the least amount of dirt filtering into your attic space because plywood has fewer cracks or knot holes through which the dirt can penetrate. If you have existing space sheeting, some dirt will get into your attic space and fall onto the insulation. If you want to prevent this, you should cover anything in this area with plastic or paper that you can roll up and dispose of. (We do not enter the home to cover this area). With existing cedar shake roofs, keeping the old paper on the roof helps to keep debris out of the attic. We clean it off and roll new underlayment over the top. Cedar shingles over space sheeting is the worst case for dirt in the attic, because shingles are installed without felt underlayment. There is nothing to prevent a significant amount of debris from falling into the attic.

In Your Yard

  • Please remove any garden furniture, potted plants or other items from around the edge of the roof. Immovable items, such as hot tubs are covered with tarps. Some debris and dirt may fall on foundation plantings. We do not cover these with plastic, which would, in most weather, cause the plants to overheat and burn. At the end of the job, we use an air blower to remove dirt from your plants. If you have special plants or other items that concern you, let us know before we begin and we will make special efforts to protect them.

What will a new roof cost?

There are so many variables in re-roof estimates. The size of the roof, pitch, time of year, number of layers, etc. It is also heavily influenced by current rates such as labor, materials, and gas. Give us a call and our estimators will set up an appointment to get your roof measured. Bliss Roofing recommends our customers get 3-4 estimates from reputable contractors in your area. Keep in mind that cost is only one factor. It’s important to consider materials, customer service, and company history. There are a variety of different roof options as well as different grades within those types so make sure the bids are apples to apples when comparing prices. It may be tempting to go with a company that has lower prices but if they haven’t been around for very long chances are they won’t be in a couple years. You’ll always know where to find us for help.

When should I replace my roof?

A composition roof system in the Pacific Northwest should last approximately 20 years with the proper maintenance. If your request a re-roof estimate from one of our estimators and they don’t find it necessary quite yet, they will let you know and provide you with an estimate to help extend the roof life. If you incur a leak in your roof, it more than likely can be repaired and doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced at that time.

What are the parts of the roof called?

Are there any potential damages when replacing my roof?


  • During roof removal and loading of the roof with new roofing material, your house may experience some vibration in the rooms just under the roof. The degree of vibration depends upon how your home was constructed. Damages rarely occur, but if you have any delicate ceiling fixtures such as crystal chandeliers, or fragile items on open shelves you may want to take precautions to protect them, or temporarily take them down.


  • If you have skylights, it is necessary for us to remove them and flash them with new metal. During this process, some debris will fall into the house. You may want to place a drop cloth under these areas. Minor drywall touch ups may be required. This is not included in our scope of work.

What if they find dry rot or mold?

There is line item on the proposal regarding dry rot. If any damage or dry rot is found, we charge a per sheet rate that includes labor and materials. The contract does not include, unless expressly specified, any mold abatement, removal, or cleaning. If mold is found existing on the premises, any cost to abate, remove, or clean shall be paid by you as an extra. In addition, any warranty given to you under this contract does not include the cost to abate, remove, or clean mold that may be found on the premises in the future.

What can I expect when I contact the office and request an estimate?

Our office staff will gather your information and pass it on to the correct department. From there, the estimator will give you a call and set up an appointment to measure your roof. Generally, you do not need to be home for this appointment. Once we work up the proposal, we will email or mail it to you.

How long can I expect my new roof to last?

When it comes to the life of the roof, what manufacturers say and what you can expect are two different things. The roofing materials may have a 30-year warranty or even a “lifetime warranty,” but this means nothing. A composition shingle roof will last about 15-25 years, which is very common. The thicker they are the longer they last, so this means the thinner, lighter-weight composition roofs aren’t going to last as long. The least expensive shingle will probably last 17-18 years, maybe 20 at the most. As price and quality increase, those roofs will last 20-25 years. After 25 years, though, most shingles will become so deteriorated that most people will change them– not because they’ve failed, but because they can really detract from your curb appeal.

Does your company subcontract your work?

No. Bliss Roofing takes great pride in having all of our own staff up on the roof.

What happens if I incur a roof leak?

Once you contact our office regarding a leak, we will gather your information to learn a bit more about your leak. If it sounds like a quick fix we can provide our hourly rate over the phone and then send a technician out there aim to fix. If they determine this leak is larger than 1-2 hours, we will send you a bid and go from there. If you have a larger roof repair we will skip this step and send out repair estimator to inspect and provide you with a free estimate.

What is your company history and why should I choose Bliss Roofing?

Bliss Roofing is a third-generation family operated roofing company since 1969. We are licensed and bonded, an accredited member of the BBB, and a leader in the roofing industry. Since we have been around for over 50 years, you know exactly where to find us if anything goes wrong on your roof. We are an established, professional, and knowledgeable roofing company here to serve you for many years to come. Check out our testimonials!

Do you schedule re-roofs in the winter?

Absolutely! With the winter months we have to be flexible as we are working around the weather, but we complete roof replacements year-round.

What services does your company offer?

We install composition, shake, tile, metal, and TPO/PVC roofs. Bliss Roofing specializes in pitched residential roofing often times taking on large, complex custom jobs. We offer full service re-roof, new construction, repair & maintenance departments as well as utilizing our own drop box, sanitation facility, & utility trailer service.

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